Dr. Purple and the Big Top

There once was a time in my life when I worked for the circus. Yeah, that was a major bucket list CHECK. I would like to consider myself a classy carny though as it was for Cirque du Soleil and everyone knows that those guys started a vortex of French Canadian circus bliss.

When I lived in Melbourne, Australia in 2009 I spent most nights under the big top, watching Dralion mesmerize audiences with performers flying through the air above the trapeze or jumping off of sky high platforms onto humungous trampolines.

Not only was I able to watch the show every night but my fellow carnies were wandering travelers who were just like me (aimless yet determined) and on most days after sweeping the stands, I would wind up with a bunch of thick two-dollar coins that fell out of the pockets of mystified. Not to mention, do you even KNOW how much Australians pay for minimum wage work?! Yeah, yeah, I get the whole it’s all relative spiel but I will take $22/hour to greet people and sell popcorn any day.

A particular Cirque goer who struck me was named Dr. Purple. Luckily, before my circus days ended, I was able to snag an impromptu interview with her and had a Japanese translator on hand as well. She was incredible. Seriously.

And that’s the story of the circus. Well, of course there are also stories of post-show parties at salsa clubs and sweaty bars. But for now, that’s enough.DSCF3069

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