willard 2Inauguration is just one day away (ok well, Obama is officially sworn in today at 12:00pm, but the fans are really in Washington, D.C. for the public ceremony which happens tomorrow). It’s just Constitutional logistics really. BUT as you can imagine people from around the globe are making a weekend of it! Katy Perry, Usher and the cast of Glee kicked it at the children’s inaugural ball last night right along side of the beautiful First Lady who just happens to have debuted a new haircut the day she turned 49. So, of course, the people of America are extra special excited now. We are just waiting on the edge of our chairs to see what she will wear a) to the swearing in and b) to the ball. Glass slippers from JCrew perhaps?capitol

Yesterday, I managed to wind my way through the thousands of porta-pottys that have been set up in the city for the 800,000 we are expecting for the big day and took some iphone snaps along the way. Naturally, the Willard Hotel is decked to the nines and the National Mall was full of excitement—and even a man selling Obama condoms. I spied the CNN stage and tried to find my silver fox, Anderson Cooper, but he must have been somewhere else being fabulous. The anticipation is building and we all can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! democratic donkey

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