The District is officially in full-on star-spangled America-f*&%-yeah mode right now…and it’s awesome. Here are some photos from out and about today…I followed the blue line (you’ll see I was quite obsessed with it) from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue all the way to the Capitol Building.

What’s the blue line?

Glad you asked. It’s the official parade route that President Obama will be following after the ceremonies at the Capitol Building. All the roads in the secure zone were shut to traffic today and I loved every second of it. It was a momentary glimpse of how much more awesome life would be if bicyclists ruled the world!

And the weather was gorgeous…mid-50’s and sunny skies. All things came together to create a festive atmosphere. Really, it just seems like one massive county fair/concert festival, except the main event is the most powerful man in the world.

But today proved yet again, inaugurations aren’t about presidents…they’re about the people. Inaugurations are reminders that we are allowed to disagree vehemently; but, when it comes to transitioning power we trust in the opinion of the masses. Inaugurations are about our ability to co-exist…and that’s why they are so special and celebrated.

We’ll post more, Lauren will be on the ground throughout the ceremonies and I’ll be reporting from a sweet perch on Pennsylvania Avenue for my real job.


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