All you wanted to do was see a leopard in a tree. You are on a safari in Africa with G Adventures and your hair is blowing in the hot and dusty wind. You’ve got your camera in hand, ready to shoot at any moment. Move aside, babboon. Go bounce off somewhere, impala. You’ve come for the big guys: The Big 5. Yep–the elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, and leopard…in a tree. Seeing a leopard in a tree is like being invited onstage at a Justin Bieber concert; it’s definitely a possibility, but highly unlikely for most. So, when Kris and I were nearing our two month journey in Africa in 2011, and the leopard was the last of the Big 5 we needed to see, I was beginning to think our chances were slim. Really slim. And then magically, one appeared while we were cruising around the Serengeti.
Leopard in a tree

Leopard StretchingI KNOW. It knocked my socks off too! I nearly lost it. My African safari was complete in such an incredible way. People go to Africa for such a large variety of reasons and trust me, Kris and I were NOT glamping. When we arrived, I really wasn’t even thinking about seeing the animals. I was just excited to be there and see the beautiful landscapes and people that make the continent so amazing. But really, the animals you come across while trekking through the vast open fields and game parks make the experience like none other. The other 4:




Elephants in Botswana
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