In the morning I was the only person psyched for Kite Fest. Here I am making a feast of a breakfast for my friends…and nobody was psyched about Kite Fest. I had to work last year (and I think it was rained out anyway) so I really wanted to see it this time around. It’s part of the Cherry Blossom Festival…even though the blossoms are hiding from cold temps this year.

My friend Ian was down with his friend Tassy, hence the breakfast. It was Tassy’s first time to DC, he comes from Haiti and has an incredible story of his own. As such, the tour guide in me kicked into gear. I love showing people around, that’s why I love guiding…but I really love it when people actually want to learn something.

And so with bellies full of pancakes and bacon and strawberries we took off on a very impromptu tour of the Mall. It just also happened to be the best day weatherwise since…like 2012. Walking onto the Mall from the White House was pretty neat…thousands of kites in the sky. AND the Back to the Future soundtrack was playing in the background. Now everyone else was psyched…it was the pancakes. It had to be the pancakes.

Kite Fest is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to crowd management. By all predispositions of human nature there should’ve been an enormous Gordian knot of tangled strings instead of all those kites aloft. But somehow people managed to stay untangled (for the most part). And when they did tangle a remedy was close at hand. Families sprawled on blankets enjoying picnic and the bizarrely hypnotic flight of a kite. I mean it’s just string and some plastic…but soooo much fun to watch.

I’m not going to lie, it’s also a bit entertaining to see these things come crashing out of the sky every once in awhile onto another kite pilot’s head. We walked down to the Capitol and from there all the little kites buzzing around the Washington Monument looked like a horde of bees or like the end battle scene of Independence Day…minus the apocalyptic destruction.

Kite Fest was a big win in my book. We spent the entire day among the tens of thousands of tourists…and we survived! And to celebrate our survival we shared good beer at the Big Hunt.

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