OK. I am not much of a donut person, in that I don’t crave Dunkin or Krispy Kreme in the mornings like I do bitter, unadulterated caffeine. But on a recent trip to Wilmington, NC, I found the perfect donut. Did you hear that? The perfect donut.

Britt's Donuts

Located on a small boardwalk at Carolina beach in Wilmington, Britt’s Donuts has been making these little bundles of bliss for beachgoers since 1939. The shop is very humble and only serves one type of donut—the plain, glazed, melts in your mouth kind. No complaints here. If you need a drink, your choices are soda, coffee or my favorite, milk.

Britt's Donuts

Naturally, the recipe is a tightly guarded secret (damnit) and Britt’s doesn’t have time for people who even try to ask for sprinkles or jelly filled sweets; when your donuts taste this good with a simple glaze, you don’t need any more pomp and circumstance. I expected to have one and move on but these babies are literally still warm when they are served to you. I finally left the shop after eating three, with two more in a to-go bag.

Britt's Donuts

Britt’s is only open during the tourist season so head there in the summertime. It’s refreshing to see an independently owned shop, operated by local high school and college kids looking for some extra cash and a tan during summer break. While it’s more common to see boardwalk fries and pizza, these donuts will definitely have you rethinking your beach food of choice. Or, let me rephrase that: Britt’s Donuts are a fabulous addition to your current, favorite stuff-your-face boardwalk fare.

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