So we’ve been sitting out Travel Photo Roulette a few turns…life gets busy and blogging is usually the first victim.

But after following the breadcrumbs I landed on this week’s competition: Trees. And that’s great, mainly because I’m half hippie-tree-hugger.

And I’ve got tons of photos of trees…too many photos of trees. So many photos of trees that I don’t even have time to go through all the photos of trees I have. So here are the quick finalists…and I know there are better photos in my library, but…life…

1. Sequoia at night: This was a lucky shot through the sunroof of my now dead CRV. It took a bit of post-production to bring out the light and kill the noise, but I like the result…mostly. There’s still a bit too much noise:


2. Joshua Tree. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know Joshua Trees aren’t really trees, but I’m turning one in anyway.


3. Acacia tree at sunrise…I mean could this be any more quintessentially African?!?!


4. Straddling Sequoias for a little bit of perspective…these things are ginormous



So what are your thoughts?? Which of these is the winner?

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  1. I’m stuck between the linear shadow of Joshua tree or the beauty of the Africa one! But then there is that gorgeous night shot…um I don’t know!!

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