It’s been a long, cold winter here on the East Coast. And, as the threat of more snow looms into the coming week, I have a confession to make: It’s our fault.

The travel gods tend to get really pissy when you hold back on stories you say that you’re gonna publish. But you know…work and life sometimes get in the way of blogging (God forbid!!). With all that said, we’re spending the first week of spring looking back on winter 2014. This is not a temptation of fates as much as an exorcising of demons.

I LOVE winter. I love the shock of that first breath as the air sacs in my lungs scream in anguish at the shock of a polar atmosphere. I love snow that decides to stick around for more than a few days. I love putting on my snow gear and feeling invincible. I love the tingle on the tip of my nose and across my cheeks. The cold awakens the senses, it makes you feel ALIVE. I’m sure there’s something Darwinian at work here, after all the cold can kill a lot faster than the heat.

We had a couple sizable snowstorms (with yet another on the horizon).

The first storm came with the dreaded polar vortex:

Then just before Valentine’s Day we got smacked with a two-fer. You better believe I time lapsed this one too…albeit for a bit longer. It’s worth watching…if you have the patience:

And naturally, with each storm I was trudging the snow covering the finer points of snowball fights and snow sculpture competitions for the fine citizens of the DMV:


And a bunch of photos from the mayhem are below. Next up…Winter Roadtrip Chapter 3

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