It’s just like the 12 days of Christmas!

Except it’s 57 days.

And it’s blogging.

Which is not Christmas.

This is not like the 12 days of Christmas…

There are 57 days left this year (counting the waning moments of today)…and my aim will be to post everyday for the next 57 days.
There are three reasons for this: one, I’ve been a dreadfully inconsistent writer. This is partially because I’ve been overwhelmed with real work, and sometimes blogging feels more like extra work than the hobby it’s meant to be. But, this space of writing is important for me to maintain because there are no rules here. I don’t have to stress over style, or length or even timeliness. It’s important to keep up this creative space.
Two, this was one of my New Year’s resolutions. I wanted to write 100 posts. Now, with only 60 days to work with, I’m not going to post multiple times a day (except today) to make up the difference. But, I’ll be counting the posts I’ve written for the real job. I don’t have the tally in front of me, at the end of the year I’ll look up that number and I imagine it’ll be relatively close…if not goal attained. I believe in ending years as strongly as starting, and some of my goals will require just such a strong finish.
Three, 2015’s been a really terrific year. From flying in fighter jets to biking across Iowa, competing in a triathlon to hanging out with a pope and enjoying some great snow in Colorado. I don’t expect you to care about all of it (or any of it), but I’m going to write about some of this stuff and post videos and photos. (and that’s another little sub-point, this is motivation to sharpen those skills).
I’m not promising that these posts will be the most insightful thing you’ve ever read (in fact I’m promising they won’t be) But that’s fine. I think my curse has often been a case of over-writing. Some of these posts will just be videos and pictures with a short explanation. Some will be in-depth. Honestly, I’ll just be making this up as I go along.
And who knows…maybe we’ll read a post or two from Lauren. She hates our site’s name (it’s too long) so I’m all for any suggestions for a new (shorter) name to entice her to write.
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