Watch out now!

Seriously…watch out.

We haven’t posted over the last week, in clear violation of the 57 Days of Blogging mantra. But we have been writing. And traveling.

I was hoping to master the art of blogging via device (be it iPad or iPhone) while abroad. It’s not that difficult for some quick hitters. But, I like to get a bit deeper when it comes to some of these live-jouralesque pieces, and in the process created a traffic jam of writing.

In order free up that traffic jam of writing. And also to maintain the spirit of 57 Days of Blogging it’s going to be a posting circus.

So what does this even mean?!?

Basically it means that a lot of posts will be dropping over the next 48 hours. So, this is the official apology for clogging your inboxes and Facebook walls and Twitter feeds…but it’s all about the challenge, right?


Kris Ankarlo

The author Kris Ankarlo

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