2015…One Second at a Time.

***if you just want to see the video, scroll down. If you want some backstory, read. Reminder: reading is good for you, and one of your resolutions was probably to read some more.***

2015 is officially done and dusted, but let me pause for a second to take another look back.

I’m a reporter, but for the first quarter of 2015 I spent most of my time anchoring. In the spring I was promoted and ended up reporting full-time with a front row seat to the biggest events in DC (and Baltimore) for the year.

I had a plan to put together a hyper-lapse of all the photos on my iPhone 6. The idea was an offshoot of a New Year’s resolution for 2015, which was to post one photo to Instagram every day. It seems so silly and trite, but the payoff was something I didn’t anticipate. I became more observant, looking for that interesting tidbit to post daily. It made me more mindful and it made me a better reporter. It’s a habit I plan on carrying into 2016.

I thought it’d be neat to throw all the photos into a hyper-lapse to cap off the year. But, in the process of being more observant I also started taking more photos with my iPhone…a lot more, as in almost 8,000 photos in 2015. I was not to be deterred by numbers, but my Adobe Premiere timeline was. After a half-hour load time with each photo occupying one frame at 16 frames per second (a little slow for hyper-lapse) the video was 16 minutes long. I wouldn’t sit through 16 minutes, much less expect you to.

In the process of filing the media on my phone I separated the videos from the still photos. There were only about 350, but even stringing those together would be too long. Unless, I take only one second from every video. Done.

Here are the rules:

  1. EVERY video has to be included.
  2. No more than one clip from each video.
  3. Only videos housed on my iPhone (there are a couple of videos shot with my GoPro, but they were transferred over to the phone for Twitter/Facebook purposes.)
  4. Only nat sound. (Originally I planned a music bed, but the sound tells the story as much as the video.)
  5. The videos have to be arranged in the same order they were imported from the iPhone, which is basically chronological.
  6. No dicks. Mainly.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Lots of snow to start the year, and lots of me driving in the snow.
  2. More than a few airplane wings.
  3. Some harrowing moments covering the unrest in Baltimore.
  4. Flying in a fighter jet.
  5. Many Metro trains (I covered transportation exclusively until about April, then kept the Metro on my new beat.)
  6. Amazingly well-timed moments of silence. It seems that every time life gets loud I retreat to the woods.
  7. Bears. (see #6)
  8. A lot of riding bikes across the state of Iowa: RAGBRAI.
  9. Poignant moments on the steps of the Supreme Court and then inside the Metropolitan A.M.E. during a week marking the emotional apex of 2015.
  10. Concerts, jumping in balls and blowing stuff up on the Fourth. ‘Merica!
  11. #RunningWithHart.
  12. Video experimentation at the Montgomery County Fair.
  13. I cover a lot of protesting. But here you’ll see the juxtaposition of shouting activists cut to emotionless bureaucrats more than a few times…just a matter of happenstance.
  14. Pope Francis!
  15. Dancing at an Indian wedding.
  16. Metro train doors working…and then not working.
  17. More running, this time at the Marine Corps Marathon as I covered the race from the lead vehicle.
  18. Lighting candles outside the French embassy after the Paris attacks.
  19. My late-year hyper-lapse binge.
  20. England and Scotland!

Even with all of that, I still manage to miss a bunch of great stuff from 2015…but this is a pretty good compilation nonetheless.

But I’m a firm believer in the mantra of our greatest president from the Granite State…otherwise known as the Bartlet Doctrine: What’s Next?

Here’s to an even better 2016.


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