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We all want the organic travel experience. We want to embark on an epic self-guided adventure finding the last, cool thing on the planet. There’s a yearning for that moment of actualization, a spontaneous cultural or spiritual awakening. And along the way people tell themselves that booking a tour somehow runs against the grain of an authentic travel experience. We don’t see things quite that way.

Between the two of us we’ve spent almost a collective 20 years working in the travel industry as tour guides. We’ve led tours and we’ve taken tours, by the hundreds.
We’ve seen some things, oh lordy…the things we’ve seen! And we want to tell those stories. Consider this blog part peak behind the curtain and part advice column. We’re not here to “review” tours, but we’re gonna share our authentic experiences and, maybe, help you decide if a particular tour is right for you. Put together we’ve tread the soil of six continents and swam in the waters of four oceans. We’re also going to share our broader travel experiences. That’s half the fun of a blog like this.

So, what’s up with the name…right?

You won’t find it in the dictionary. That’s because we made it up. We took a couple words and married them. Scuttlebutt is the rumor, the gossip, the word. Gadabout is the roamer, the traveler, the restless soul. Put them together and that’s a pretty accurate description of what we’re trying to do here: The stories of the roamers from the perspective of tour guides.
We’re not here to evangelize for tour guides and tour companies. We’ll use this space to talk about tours we’ve taken. The good and the bad.

That’s what friends are for.

We have a massive bench of colleagues, friends and enemies who fashion themselves tour guides, tour managers, tour directors, local experts and drunken storytellers. Our mission is to give them a platform as well, because most of their stories are waaaaay better/cooler than ours. Good tour guides can transform the way you look at a rock, at a dish, at a building, at a city or at a country. Many have devoted their lives to the subject matter, collecting post-graduate degrees like badges of distinction. Others have built their knowledge on the road instead of inside the classroom. They’ve turned over those rocks that most people ignore. They know their cities and neighborhoods in microscopic detail and they sell their discoveries with a passion and verve that’s CDC level 4 infectious. We want to spotlight these guides. This is an umbrella free zone.

Coming back to life.

You’ll notice there’s a bunch of stuff on here from a previous incarnation of travel bloggery, a little site that we called The World is Our District. Well, we live in California now. Not D.C. The name just wasn’t gonna hold up (Plus Lauren HATED it). Fear not, we’ve carried those stories over to this platform and we’ll keep writing about our personal travel exploits. But really, this one is about the “tour” part of tourism.

I hate reading.

That’s OK. We have a podcast.

You should listen to it. You can download it at iTunes or you can listen from this site. But, you may as well just subscribe and give us five fat stars.


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