South America

Back in time…lapse: Copacabana


Just about this time last year Lauren and I were in South America for our honeymoon. Trust me, there will be much more about that later…so consider this a teaser.

I shot this time-lapse on Copacabana Beach with my GoPro on the day we flew into Rio. It was an overnight flight and I slept for, maybe, 15 minutes.

So for the majority of this shoot I was fast asleep. This is also, by the way, the last time we’d see the sun for another three days. All of that is another story for another time.

A few things about this shoot. I love the cross currents of the clouds. It’s also fun to watch as the guys walk up and down the beach hawking their wares. Towards the end you’ll see as the beach starts to clear out a bit, and the attendant runs back and forth taking down umbrellas.

And if you really want to be freaked out…watch my toes twitch away as go full jet-lag comatose.



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