The Prarie Dog Whisperer


So we’ve been a bit District-centric for the last week or so…given the Inauguration that’s perfectly understandable. But it can be a bit claustrophobic. And naturally my mind turns to the wide-open skies of one of my happy places: Wyoming.  Yep. The entire state.

Think about it like this, Washington, DC has 632,323 people in 61.4 square miles of land…Wyoming has 576,412 people in 97,814 square miles of land. I’ll let you do the math. It actually depresses me when I think about it (it also depresses me to think about their 2 senators and House member to our non-voting delegate).

And with the lack of people comes the abundance of cute, furry animals. In the shadow of Devil’s Tower is a place called Prairie Dog Town. I always used it as a “surprise” stop. The power of the prairie dog is great. With incessant chirping and affinity for standing on hind legs these little critters lure tourists into their den…and then they give them hantavirus (and then I suppose they eat the tourists after they die of hantavirus, at least that’s what I think happened to the clients I lost there).

Even tucked amongst the mind-blowing beauty of a place like Devil’s Tower everyone would be totally taken in by hundreds of prairie dogs scurrying around from dirt mound to dirt mound. And I’ve got to admit…they are cute…even if they are deadly.

So for your midweek viewing pleasure:

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