The Case for Thanksgiving Abroad

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In the United States of America it’s customary to only get two weeks of vacation. Among all of the ridiculous, asinine, stupid things we do in this country…this ranks near the top. And my industry isn’t exactly known for being progressive with time off.

So to maximize travel time every year I tend to either work on Thanksgiving and bank the days for another trip (like this year…putting it towards a trip to England and Scotland), or I build the four day trip weekend into a longer trip. That’s what we did last year. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family a week early, and then left for South America.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not some sort of grumpy curmudgeon who is anti-turkey. Quite the opposite. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love turkey and football and family and friends. But, I’m also keen on the case for a Thanksgiving abroad:

  1. You get to skip the traffic. In other countries, there is no Thanksgiving, and thus no getaway.
  2. You can ignore all those annoying articles about the best strategy for arguing with your crazy right-wing relatives at the dinner table (unless they’re traveling with you (which would be a mistake)).
  3. Fares out of the country tend to be a little cheaper…especially if you’re headed to Europe.
  4. Think about all the calories you’ll be saving…maybe, I tend to eat like crazy when I’m abroad.
  5. No cooking stress, no dishes. I know some people thrive on the kitchen drama, but I’m not one of those people.
  6. Your trip abroad will be relatively American-free. I love America, but I don’t want to be surrounded by my countryman while in another land.
  7. It’s late spring in the southern hemisphere. So if you didn’t get enough summer, here’s one last chance.

With all that said, there’s still a feeling of missing out on the tradition and fellowship of Thanksgiving. But, if you can go without it for a year it may be worth trying a trip instead.

And if you can’t stand to be away, may I at least recommend cooking the turkey in a trash can?!?

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