Let’s Travel to New York City + Phish!

New York City
We talk to New York City tour guide, Matt Apter, who shares great tips on the city that are beneficial to first time travelers as well as those who have visited in the past. Matt also talks about his experience traveling for music by following popular jam-band Phish around the country.

Three Takes on Cuba: Part 2

Car in Cuba
On today's episode, we continue our journey to Cuba and pick up our conversations with Cyndi of Postcards to Me, Brianna, and Sarah. Cyndi and Brianna have recently returned from trips to the country and have somewhat differing opinions on their experience. Sarah, on the other hand, has been an American tour guide in Cuba for five years. She holds invaluable knowledge on Cuban history and culture as well as current U.S./Cuban relations. We delve further into Cuban history and its long and rocky relationship with the United States. We also discuss lodging--especially in the form of casa particulars--and Cuban cuisine. And we will leave Havana and explore other parts of the island.

The Expat Besties are Back from Singapore

Supertree Grove Singapore
We talk with American expats Nichole and Josh who've been living in Singapore for two years and just returned to America by way of a grand Asian tour. In this episode we'll talk a lot about Singapore and the expat life. We'll also talk about the Philippines, Japan and South Korea (including a trip to the DMZ).

An American (Tour Guide) in Paris

Arc de Triomphe
On the podcast this week we talked to our friend and colleague, Matilida Hankinson, who is a lucky dual citizen and has worked as a tour guide both in the US and Paris, France. She gave us the inside scoop about working as an American tour guide abroad and also shared some of her favorite Paris hot spots with us.

Don’t be idiots while fighting Costa Rican biker gangs

Costa Rica Treetop Walk
In this episode of the Scuttabout Podcast we talk about being idiots while traveling. What makes our brain forget it's function while abroad? We'll take a look at some stats and share some stories. We'll also talk about Costa Rica with a special guest. And we'll share an epic story of two guys being absolute idiots while abroad.

#1 A Cherry Blossom Introduction: Our First Podcast Ever!

Cherry Blossoms Close Sun
This is our first podcast...of all time! We're gonna try and make this a thing, but for now enjoy a little introduction and some inside tip on how to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. If you like it, subscribe and share with all of your friends. Every single one. We hope you enjoy!