Tour guiding is a portable skill, which means people are often showing off cities and states and countries that are not their own. In this episode, we discuss whether it matters if your tour guide is from the country you’re visiting. We talk about the pros and cons of non-native tour guides and, as always, we share some of our stories.

To bring things into clearer focus we talked with our friend and colleague, Matilida Hankinson. She is a lucky dual citizen with guiding experience in the U.S. and in Paris. Matilda has the perspective to compare what it’s like to guide in the states as a native vs guiding in Europe as an expat. She shares some great tour stories and some really fantastic historical anecdotes.

She gave us the inside scoop about working as an American tour guide abroad.  We also got some intel on her favorite Paris hot spots and some secret tips to make the crowded spots a little more tolerable. This is a great episode to get your travel imagination revved up, whether you’re planning a trip to Paris or you’re just looking to relive a past journey. Pour copious amounts of red wine, get a bunch of scones and put on your best beret for a podcast trip to Paris.


Some of the Paris highlights discussed (b/c French can be hard to understand!)

Parc du Champs-de-Mars (near the Eiffel Tower)

Jardin des Tuileries

Louvre Museum (Mona Lisa)

Musée d’Orsay (French Impressionists)

Château de Versailles (gardens, hall of mirrors, City Hall, KIMYE)

Musée Rodin  (sculpture)

Musée Carnavalet (Rich people’s belongings–closed for renovation through the end of 2019)


The Paris episode highlights.

4:05–Lauren works at the circus

16:00–Matilda joins us and talks about how to be a tour guide

17:45–An expats perspective abroad

23:00–Guiding in Paris vs DC

28:00–Matilda starts giving tips

30:00—Everybody’s drunk

34:00–More tips!

46:00–What it takes to work abroad

49:30–Storytime with Good King Henry

53:45–Paris is spared destruction

56:30–Look kids, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower!

59:30–Are Parisians rude, or is your french just awful?

1:04:00–All the food



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