On this episode we’re going to Cuba.
This is going to be a little different, and that’s the fun of podcasting. We can deviate from the format when we have something neat. In this case a deep dive into Cuba.

Who will you talk to about Cuba?

This all started organically, we’ve been lining up guests for the podcast and it started with Cyndi of Postcards to Me. We were going to talk to her about epic solo trips as a female. She had returned home from Cuba, so naturally that was a point of discussion. Then we had Brianna slated to talk about luxury travel. But, she also had just returned from Cuba and she loved it. And then there was Sarah, she is a tour guide in…wait for it…CUBA. (Apparently everyone’s been to Cuba already!)

Havana Cuba
Cyndi on the streets of Havana (Photo:
It was at that point we decided to produce a Cuba episode, even though neither of us have been there. Then in talking with Cyndi, Brianna, and Sarah we realized we had a ton of awesome content. Instead of trying to cram it all into one episode we decided to split it in two. We’ll be publishing part two next Thursday. Consider this a Cuba MEGA-episode (although we’re not even sure what that means)!
All three of these women are tour guides or were tour guides full-time. All currently work in travel. And we’ll hear from them in the future about the subjects we originally called them for, but for this and the next episode…it’s all about Cuba.
In the first episode, we’ll talk talk about why each of these women decided to travel (or work) in Cuba. Then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of getting a travel visa. We’ll get some good insider tips on what to expect. Then, we’ll talk about money, as it’s more complicated than you may realize. Of course, we’ll talk about tours and why they’re important, especially on this island. And we’ll finish off part one by talking about lodging, which is again more complicated than you might think.
Thank you for coming along to Cuba with us and stayed tuned as we wrap it all up next week with food, activities, and other parts of the island.
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