On today’s episode, we continue our journey to Cuba and pick up our conversations with Cyndi of Postcards to Me, Brianna, and Sarah. Cyndi and Brianna have recently returned from trips to the country and have somewhat differing opinions on their experience. Sarah, on the other hand, has been an American tour guide in Cuba for five years. She holds invaluable knowledge on Cuban history and culture as well as current U.S./Cuban relations.

What will you talk about on this episode about Cuba?

We delve further into Cuban history and its long and rocky relationship with the United States. We also discuss lodging–especially in the form of casa particulars–and Cuban cuisine. And we will leave Havana and explore other parts of the island.

If you missed our first episode on Cuba it’s available for free on iTunes. Thank you again to our guests for sharing their experiences so candidly with us.


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