This episode is all about idiots. Our idiot moves, your idiot moves…everyone’s idiot moves while¬†traveling.

We’re not saying that people who travel are idiots, we’re just saying that our inner-idiot tends to shine while traveling. Why is that? In this episode we make out best attempt to unravel why we’re all idiots abroad. We’ll crunch some numbers, talk about some famous idiotic travel incidents and we’ll tell our own stories of being idiots while traveling. As tour guides we have seen a bazillion idiot moves, and while we don’t have time to talk about all of them today you better believe we’ll be sharing those idiot moves in future episodes of this podcast.

We also have our first guest!

Jason has been a tour guide for more than a decade and he’s run countless trips around North and Central America. We’ll talk with him a bit about Costa Rica, discussing some of our favorite spots and offering up a few tips. We’ll talk about a few things that you shouldn’t do. And we’ll share an epic story of one time we were idiots abroad. (Let’s just say it involves absinthe, Daft Punk and a Costa Rican biker gang.)


Podcast Highlights

You should listen to the entire episode, but if you want to skip ahead here are a few of the highlights:

3:20 a few infamous idiotic travel moves

8:25 American travel stats that help explain our idiocy

12:05 Compared to Australia

18:00 Losing a passport in Africa

24:09 Leaving suitcases in Vegas

24:36 Hello Jason!

35:20 Let’s talk about what Costa Rica has to offer

49:30 How to win in a fight against a Costa Rican biker gang


And the rest:

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