This is our first podcast…of all time!

Since the move to sunny Southern California we’ve missed showing people around. Between the two of us we have almost two decades worth of helping lost people get found. Now, we need the release, because we can only give each other so many tours of our own backyard. In fact, it was on one of those guided tours of our backyard that we concocted the idea of podcasting about travel from a tour guide’s perspective.

This is the first episode in what will surely be a fun experiment. We’re starting with what we know best: Washington, D.C. In this episode we’ll talk cherry blossoms. We’ll get into some history and we’ll offer up some tips to enjoy these puffy little flowers (although this year they’ll be frozen).

If you can’t make it for cherry blossom season this year, just take this little podcast and tuck it away for next year. You may be better off, it seems Mother Nature is hell-bent on ruining this year’s edition of spring in D.C. At least according to our correspondents on the ground. If you’re looking for more cherry blossom info, we’ve written about them before here and here and here.


For the Future

We’re gonna try and make this a thing. It just happens to coincide with the rebooting of our old blog The World is Our District (You see, we no longer live in the District of Columbia…so there goes that name!). So, we’ve got a new name Scuttabout (what does that even mean?!?! Maybe…just maybe, we’ll talk about this in the podcast or you can read about it here) and a new look and, naturally, a new podcast.

If you like it, subscribe and share with all of your friends. All of ’em. And go to iTunes and give us five marvelous stars. We hope you enjoy!

And if you want…you can watch this on repeat through the podcast to put you in the right frame of mind!

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