Trip Design and Travel Planning

You’re looking for help with trip design and travel planning?

If you’re scratching your head and realize you need help with trip design and travel planning, awesome. That’s what I am here for. Where are you at now? You’ve made the decision that you are READY to get the heck out of dodge and take a trip of your lifetime? Great! The issue is that you are WAY too busy with work/school/friends/commitments/tiny humans/adorable pugs/etc to take the necessary time needed to plan your own trip.

Trip Design and Travel Planning
Lauren standing in front of an elephant in Botswana

OR perhaps you just don’t know where to begin, as you’ve never taken a huge overseas adventure or incredible road-trip before? Fear not. Through my decade of experience in the tourism industry, I’ve been fortunate enough to compile a LOAD of information + have networks and contacts all over the world. I, myself, have traversed six continents and 48 American states, often times with 50+ travelers in tow. I know the kind of planning it requires to make sure you’ve set yourself up for an incredible journey, the last thing to want to do is create missed opportunities because you’re short on planning time before your trip.

Trip Design and Travel Planning
Lauren in Seattle

There’s SO MUCH to explore, photograph, eat, drink, and enjoy out there you could spend days trying to filter through it all yourself! I can collaboratively help you create an itinerary that will be authentic, customized, and personal to your tastes, wishes, and needs. Do you want to focus your trip on culinary experiences? Have a special occasion that you want to go all out for? Are you a sports fanatic that wants to incorporate games and events as much as possible? Super. Let’s make this a trip of a lifetime together.

How do I get help with trip design and travel planning?

Easy. Fill out the contact form below and I will respond personally with more information.


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